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The blue tick, which we usually see in the Instagram profiles of media / famous / well-known people (singers, football players, artists, writers, painters, influencers, fashion designers, politicians, TV programmers, presenter, athletes, etc.) or corporate brands, simply means an approved account. . The process of getting a blue tick, also called a verified profile, is both very easy and somewhat difficult.

Blue Tick Application Form

    Name surname
    E mail address
    Your Mobile Number
    Your Instagram Username
    Number of Followers

    Do you have news in the media?

    *Medyada Yayınlanmış Haberleriniz yok ise mavi tik başvurusu yapamazsınız! Haber Desteği Satın almak için bize WhatsApp'dan yazın.

    Select the Media Your News Is On

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    If You Can't Meet the Followers Requirement, It's OK!

    If You Cannot Meet the Media News Requirement, No Problem!

    No problem!

    It is not a problem to get a blue tick if you cannot meet the 30.000 Followers & Media News requirement. If your account does not meet these conditions; Our professional team is always here to support you! You can reach us from our WhatsApp Support Line to take advantage of our special offers.

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    How Do We Work?
    Examine Our Work Closely!


    Another requirement to apply for Blue Tick is; you must have news in the media, if you cannot meet this requirement; We take appropriate offers from the media news sites we have contracted with and forward them to you.


    In order to apply for Blue Tick, your follower count must be Min. It must be 30,000, if you cannot meet this condition, we will send followers to your account from our professional follower panels. (You can choose your followers local & international. Price differences will be informed to you.)


    Congratulations! We have successfully completed your Blue Tick Application. Now from the instagram authorities Max. 15 days We are waiting for a return that will continue.


    Your Verified Instagram Account has many advantages for you. Reliability, Attention, More Audience, Being a Phenomenon and more ...

    For Questions and Support, you can contact us on our WhatsApp Line.

    What Are the Advantages of Having a Verified Account?

    • Reliability100%
    • Striking100%
    • Reaching More Audiences100%
    • Being a Phenomenon100%

    Some of Our References We Serve Are In The Images Above ...

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